The thought and dreams are yours
the delivery of it is ours. "
With more than 25 years experienced professionals in finance and capital markets involved, Batavia Prosperindo Securities will deliver your thoughts about future to the present time.
Batavia Prosperindo Sekuritas provides diverse areas that are most needed by the market that is fully-​integrated services covering securities brokerage; both fixed-​income and equity, corporate finance and research.

We have managed to maintain our network and broaden our client base, both institutional (pension fund, insurance) and retail, supported by our branch office netwok spread over Indonesia. As part of a fully integrated financial services Group, BPS enjoys strong Group support with cross selling opportunites.
With the capabilty to timely deliver quality products and services and with support our team of experts,
we capitalized on this potential and expandedits services to fit the needs of clients.
We are the member of Jakarta Stock Exchange and held the Underwriter License from Indonesia Capital Market Supervisory Agency (BAPEPAM - Badan Pengawasan Pasar Modal)
The best solutions and satisfaction for our clients are ours to deliver…